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Welcome to YohasMusings. A super new blog where I will be posting my musings as a girl, a humanitarian, trying to perserve my essence in this contemporary life between Italian and Habeshan and the current globalisation induced culture.

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About Yoha

Just a girl who believes in humanity. A girl who would like to have open discussions on humanitarian issues our planet is facing. A girl who loves good food, dancing, fashion, travelling and meeting people from different cultures.

My motto is Altruism is the smartest egoism.  That is because doing good for others will indirectly come back as a good to ourselves.

I decided to open this website because i would like to have a blog where to post my musings and hopefully start a conversation. A conversation on our planet, our future, our present and also lighter conversations on the little joys of life such as eating, dancing, laughing, shopping.

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